My Approach

As a Nonprofit Event Specialist, I work intimately with new and established organizations to produce impactful events that resonate with your guests on every possible level – your mission, messages, successes and even challenges. My strengths are technical production and  the actual event experience - two distinct skill sets I've combined to ensure the success of your event from inception through execution. 

The core to my approach starts with three questions:

1.  What would you like your guests to know?

2.  What would you like them to take away?

3.  How would you like them to feel?


We work through these questions together and collaborate to find the most effective ways to accomplish your goals. I help your organization focus your objectives, craft the story, manage pre-event production and execute a flawless and memorable experience for guests. The success you achieve from our partnership measures on many different levels.

Once your story is written and objectives defined, I manage the myriad of production details events require, allowing your staff more time to attend to the most important detail of all—your guests. The key comes in working with your staff, budget, messaging and assets to develop a distinctive event experience for all who currently support your mission, as well as the next generation of donors you seek to cultivate. Every guest in the room should walk away knowing and caring more about your mission then when they entered. With my approach, the time and resources your nonprofit organization invests generates the maximum return possible.

My Story

Originally from Ohio, I moved to New York City and began my professional career as a dancer and figure skater, starting at Radio City Music Hall and then travelling to numerous cities including Las Vegas, London, Milan, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo and even Saudi Arabia—where the ice was actually plastic. 

Between shows and tours, I worked in the catering industry and rose through the ranks of event Production and design. Upon “retirement” from the stage, I dedicated my focus to event production. With my talent in the performing arts, business acumen, driven personality and innate creativity, I quickly found myself a sought after-producer. 

For five years, I worked as director of special events for the LGBT Center, followed by eight years as an executive producer/director specializing in corporate events.  Now, with more than 22 years of experience as a producer and director I dedicate my work to supporting the valuable mission of nonprofit organizations. 

To continue my passion of the performing arts, I am the production and lighting director for Ice Theatre of New York, with whom I continue my ice dance training. I am a four-time Gay Games Gold Medalist in Free Dance, most recently competing in Paris with a goal of winning again in Hong Kong in 2020.  And just for pure joy, I am "Skating Santa" at the Rink at Rockefeller Center each holiday season.

All of this experience has given me a personalized, unique approach in working with nonprofit event production and development.