What I Do

Consider this: 

  • do you spend enough quality time at events with your donors and supporters?
  • does your nonprofit come to a screeching halt every year you host the same event? 
  • Do you find your staff and volunteers running around, trying to handle all of the little details, meanwhile the bigger picture is completely unfocused? 

This is where I come in. With my expertise in production and nonprofit events, I make sure your organization continues to run smoothly before, during and after your events.

What exactly are special events and what results should you expect? Ideally, they:

  • build a way for you to recognize and strengthen relationships with current donors
  • recruit or introduce your organization to new donors 
  • generate publicity for your cause
  • develop fundraising experience for staff
  •  and of course, raise money 

As a nonprofit event specialist, my goal is to handle those little details of special events for you, giving you the opportunity to focus on your mission, objectives and guests, and achieve maximum results.

I help clients create new events and recreate existing events, through aspects such as messaging, entertainment, engagement and top-level production values. My greatest objective is to work with your organization and look at the entire picture of the event. From the inception of setting a clear mission and realistic objectives, to execution, I am there every step of the way.

I am much more than a fundraising or production consultant. In fact, what I do goes deeper than either of these roles. Fundraising consultants may help you raise money upfront, but do not handle what happens at the actual event. Meanwhile, production consultants can help you run the show, but do not look deeper in fully engaging with your guests and donors throughout and after the event. Instead, my events do more than just fundraising or production. I focus on optimizing every opportunity to engage every guest on each level, leaving nothing on the table.


In my expertise with nonprofit special events, I have four main areas of focus:

Health and Wellness

Organizations and events I have worked with which benefited the health and wellness sector include the TJ Martell Foundation’s Women of Influence Awards, the Vaseline Intensive Care Women’s Health Initiative, Services for the Underserved Gala and the Treatment Action Group Research in Action Awards.

Social Justice

When it comes to social justice, experiences I have worked with include the Sage Awards, the LGBT Center's Garden Party and Women's Event, the Mary Kay Inspiring Stories Domestic Violence Project and the Safe Horizon Champion Awards.

Animal Welfare

The animal welfare organizations I worked with have have included everything from  dogs and cats to cows and goats.  A “K9K” Dog Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge, Cocktails & Cow Tales for Catskill Animal Sanctuary and the Bideawee Ball for NYC's oldest animal rescue are just a few.

Arts and Culture

Finally, my specialty in arts and culture has covered a variety of different nonprofit organizations and their events. Some of these include MCC Theater’s Miscast Gala, Ice Theatre of New York's Fall Gala, the National Arts CLub's 120th Anniversary Celebration and OpenHouse NY's Open the City.

While these four main areas have been my fields of expertise, I also enjoy working with nonprofits with causes and events outside of these sectors. As a nonprofit event specialist, what I do is more than just fundraising and production, but actually looks deeper into your event and your cause, pulling on all available resources and details to achieve the best results possible for today and the future.